A PH Bond Aid is vital in every application of gel polish. The PH helps to neutralize the natural nail bed of any natural oils the nail may have on the surface. It also cleans the nail surface of any excess filings that could be lying around the nail bed / cuticle area. A PH dries within 30 seconds on the natural nail, and it is extremely important that the PH has been allowed to dry 100% before applying any base coat. This step is not negotiable on any gel polish application.
Yes, absolutely. A narrow brush with hard bristles makes even a smooth and simple application difficult. Resulting in a few layers of product being applied (wastage). Which could result in a rather thick streaky application. A wider, softer brush allows for a smooth and easy application. Cutting down time, as well as costs on each set that is done. Try the SSG brush! Amazing!

No. Our SSG base coat has a reinforcing agent in it. Over curing the product could cause problems. It is important the curing time is adhered to. LED Lamp – 30 seconds. UV Lamp – varies from lamp to lamp, but generally 60 seconds. The base coat is the stencil the rest of the product follows.. Base coat application should be 100%. Time should be spent on ensuring the following: no excess product on cuticles, no excess product on nail bed, capping done on all nails. *the color layers will only bond where the base coat is, so if there are edges / corners which have not been applied correctly, the color will lift.

No. It is important that nail techs apply the layers of gel (from base coat to color coats to top coat) equally over the nail. There is no need to do thick bulky layers of product, this is 1. A waste of product and money for the salon, 2. Generally causes the product to lift, as there hasn’t been sufficient curing throughout the product layers applied. So to answer the question, no! If a nail tech uses extremely thin coats of color in her application, then yes she will be able to judge and see whether or not they have enough coverage. If not, then a 3rd coat of color is recommended.
Yes. We say double curing the top coat is important. It ensures every edge and corner of application gets sufficient time to cure to ensure 100% bondage between the layers. Our SSG has a beautiful high shine to it, and it is a NON WIPE top coat – saving time and money in salon (no need to use cleanser). Apply Top Coat, cure for 60 seconds in LED, apply cuticle oil and go!
Yes. Absolutely! We definitely encourage that extra layer of product for those clients. It will lessen the chance of any product chipping / lifting / peeling (if applied correctly).
No. There are MANY factors that influence the wear of any product on nails. Chronic medication, hormones, stress, lifestyle.. These are just a few to name. It is like with any skin care product. It works for some, and not for others. If a tech has a client who battles with gel polish in general (doesn’t get lasting wear / product lifts etc.) my first suggestion is do an acrylic application first (a natural clear application) to strengthen those natural nail beds, to avoid excessive bending / movement of the natural nail bed. I personally have a friend who has a mobile spray tan business, and she cannot wear gel. The heat and product from her spray gun causes every single brand of gel to literally “pop” off her natural nail bed. So she has moved over to acrylic as her nail product of choice. These are the kind of questions, and factors we need to take into account.

Gel Polish


Natural nail is buffed and filed in prep work.

Natural nail is buffed and filed in prep work.

PH or Bond Aid is used (non acidic).

Primer is used for application (harsher – acidic).

Gel Polish is cured under a LED or UV light.

No light for curing, but UV lamp can be used to dry acrylic faster.

Curing takes time dependent on the lamp.

Curing time is quicker.

14 Day wear is safe to suggest.

Up to 21 days wear (re-growth is the key).

Soak off is less abrasive to natural nail.

Soak off and re-application is exceptionally taxing on the natural nail. Excess buffing, soaking and filing is required.

Little damage done to natural nail bed.

A fair amount of damage on each soak off to the natural nail bed.

Soak off is quick and simple.

Soak off is time consuming and damaging.

The scent of gel polish isn’t harsh.

Some clients complain about the pungent smell the acrylic activator has.